New Lubricants Racing oils from SWD Rheinol!

SWD Rheinol, a top partner of the Topsystem Group, has launched the new line of racing lubricants ultimate and Nano racing Double Ester, aiming at a specialized and at the same time sensitive buying public, which has been looking for reliable solutions for many years.

SWD Rheinol’s people with years of experience on lubricant have created the perfect line for on-road and off-road racing vehicles aiming for better engine performance and lower friction.

In more detail, the new series Ultimate Racing and Nano Racing Double Ester offer:

  • The strongest protection of the engine with a stable lubrication membrane even at extreme operating temperatures.
  • Excellent start with cold and fast oil supply even at temperatures down to -30 ° C that ensure fuel and oil savings.
  • Very good dispersion that prevents the formation of oil sludge.
  • Optimized high temperature viscosity to meet the latest requirements of leading car manufacturers.
  • Better protection against wear.
  • Improved fuel economy.


The company presented the Ultimate line of lubricants:

Ultimate Racing Double Ester 5W-30

Ultimate Racing Double Ester  5W-40


Moreover, the Synergie Racing Double Ester series, as follows:

Synergie Racing Double Ester 5W-50

Synergie Racing Double Ester  10W-60


SWD Rheinol’s know-how changes racing engine data. All that remains is to be tempted!