Corporate social responsibility

Corporate social responsibility for our company is a key parameter of both our business and our management model. Every moment we try to offer our products and services to the whole society with the aim and main axis of respect for human beings. One of the fundamental values ​​and one of the most important operating principles of our company throughout its historical path, is the contribution to the progress and prosperity of Greek society. The result of the adoption of these principles is the development of a corporate culture from which derives the intention of our company to operate responsibly in all areas that are important axes of sustainable development.

According to the definition given in the Green Paper on Corporate Social Responsibility (European Commission, 2001), it is the concept in which companies voluntarily incorporate social and environmental concerns into their business and contacts with other stakeholders. , as they realize that responsible behavior leads to business success ”. (Source: Hellenic Network for Corporate Social Responsibility)

 External Social Responsibility

External Corporate Social Responsibility concerns the extension of our company’s responsibility to the local community. It targets a wide range of stakeholders who are not only employees and shareholders but also business partners, our suppliers, customers, public authorities representing local communities or dealing with the environment.

Internal Social Responsibility

In our company, the internal Corporate Social Responsibility mainly concerns the employees as it is related to issues such as, investing in human resources, health and occupational safety. They pave the way for social development and improved competitiveness.