2 new products from Cleantech!

The new product line of Cleantech, where it was launched on the market at the beginning of 2018 in Greece by the Topsystem Group, further expanded its range with new products. The following have been added to the new product line:


Cleantech Electroclean 80912.

This product is a component cleaner special liquid that is placed in component washer equipment, where all kinds of tools and parts of the car’s mechanical parts are manually cleaned of debris.

The properties of the liquid are:

  • Low in toxicity.
  • No unpleasant odor.
  • Safe in colors but also in all metals.
  • It has great cleaning ability.
  • Provides temporary corrosion protection.

You can get it in a 20 liter package. See here.


Cleantech Electrical Contact Cleaner 80108

Electrical Contact Cleaner is a special spray for the long-term protection of the electrical system from the following:

  • Repels moisture and protects against contact resistance.
  • Provides protection and insulation.
  • Harmless to paint and plastic.
  • Protects copper and non-ferrous metals from oxidation.

You can get it in a 400ml package. See here.