New product from Cleantech! A/C Ventilation Cleaner

Cleantech launches its new product for easy, fast and highly efficient cleaning of the air conditioning system and air vents of all vehicles. Cleantech cleaning foam acts against bacteria and microorganisms that have accumulated in the car air conditioning system and eliminates dirt, odors and germs.

• Removes pollution,
• decimates germs such as bacteria and fungi quickly and reliably
• ensures a healthy indoor climate.
• Gives a pleasant and fresh smell inside the vehicle.

Its application is simple. There is no need to disassemble the air conditioning system as it can be used in an amateur way by the vehicle’s air ducts. CAUTION! Many vehicles have electronic systems on the dashboard of the vehicle and the product is used in a different way (prefer cleaning from the vehicle’s water drain) or consult your mechanic for 100% correct result and proper cleaning without damage to your vehicle.