High performance Diesel engine oils from WEG

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How long does a lubricant last in a diesel engine? This question is asked by a large percentage of professionals in the field and beyond. The correct answer is that the lubricants must be changed within a year, if those kilometers have not been completed, which make them unsuitable for the vehicle engine. However, beyond the time and duration of a lubricant, the specifications of the lubricant play an important role. What we need to know very well is that each type (viscosity) of lubricant, corresponds to specific engines and we must be careful what product we use and in what vehicle. There are many different viscosities in 10w-40 and 15w-40 in the diesel engines of heavy vehicles.

Most lubricants consumed in Greece currently belong to category E7 and E9 according to ACEA (European Institute), and CI-4 and CK-4 (new) according to API (American Institute). This means that a large percentage of the fleet that exists in the country are Euro 3,Euro 4 and Euro 5 vehicles, in the category of E7 and E9 diesel engines.


In E7 category of diesel engines, Topsystem and WEG lubricants recommend the following, for engines from Euro 1 to Euro 5:

WEG TURBO PLUS RX 10W-40 (MERCEDES MB 228.5, for Euro 3 – 4 – 5)

WEG TURBO PLUS C9 10W-40 (MERCEDES MB 228.3, for Euro 2- 3 – 4 – 5

WEG TURBO PLUS SC3 10W-40 (SCANIA LDF-3, for Euro 3 – 4 – 5)

WEG TURBO PLUS C7 15W-40 (VOLVO approval, for Euro 2- 3 – 4)

WEG TURBO PLUS C7 20W-50 (for Euro 1- 2- 3 – 4)


In E9 category of diesel engines, which are newer generation engines (Euro 5 and Euro 6) with engines equipped with SCR and EGR systems, Topsystem and WEG lubricants offer the following:

WEG TURBO PLUS LA 5W-30 (Euro 6, low-saps, suitable for DPF catalysts)

WEG TURBO PLUS LA 10W-40 (MERCEDES Approval, Euro 5 -6, low-saps, also suitable for DPF catalysts)

WEG TURBO PLUS C8 15W-40 (Euro 4-5 mid-saps, also suitable for DPF catalysts)


In recent years these lubricants are also in greater demand than the market as the fleet has been significantly renewed with low-saps 10w-40 being the predominant lubricant in the Greek market.

You can visit all WEG products in detail on the page of lubricants in the category of diesel engines.